MELTBLOWN (filtering material) BFE>=99%

Meltblown is a non-woven material consisting of randomly interwoven polypropylene threads. Due to its high filtering properties, this material can be used both in the production of industrial vacuum cleaners and in medical masks and respirator masks manufacturing field.
Meltblown can be distinguished by the presence of an electrostatic field, therefore, the filtering capacity of this material increases by 30% in comparison with other materials of similar density.
Meltblown manufacturing consists of the following stages.
At the first stage, a pre-prepared mixture of polypropylene granules with an electret modifier is loaded into the extruder funnel. Then the granules are transferred to the heating unit by means of a screw conveyor, where the raw material is melted. Further, the molten mass flows out through a die with the finest holes. Thin streams of melt are inflated by a stream of warm air onto an endless looped belt that is constantly moving. On the opposite side of the die, the cooled sheet passes through a constant electric field, where the meltblown acquires its electrostatic properties.
Finally, the material is wound into bobbins and cut based on the size required by the customer.
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