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Manufacture outline

The product range includes:

-medical 3-layer masks

– FFP2 and FFP3 protection level medical respirator masks without an exhalation valve

– FFP2 and FFP3 protection level medical respirator masks with an exhalation valve


The abbreviation FFP (Filtering Face Piece) suggests the level of protection. Thus, FFP2 respirator masks belong to the average level of filtration (they are more adapted to protect against the bacteria incoming), and FFP3 class respirator masks – to the high level of filtration (they protect against the penetration of bacteria, viruses, infections, etc.) The difference between masks of these classes is concluded to the use of a different number of layers while manufacturing them.


Manufacturing FFP2 respirator masks takes 4 layers – 2 spunbond layers and 2 meltblown layers, manufacturing FFP3 respirator masks takes 5 layers – 2 spunbond layers and 3 meltblown layers.

During the production process of masks and respirator masks, we use filtering material manufactured by ourselves. This is a so-called non-woven material – meltblown, absence of which makes the mask protection ability less effective, therefore, the price of the masks includes the price of this material. By manufacturing meltblown we take all the responsibility for its quality. Each roll of manufactured material passes a quality test at our manufacturing facility, bacterial filtration levels reach from 95-99%.

What is the value of this material?

The filtering layer of meltblown is an electrostatically charged material. Due to this, the smallest particles contained in the air are attracted to the filter and settle on it which results in effective filtration of fine particles. The manufacturing process of meltblown differs from the other produced medical materials and thereby endows it with qualities that block the passage of bacteria that are in the air around a person, and in the vapors that a person exhale.


Production capacity:

Three-layer medical masks – 100,000 pieces per day.

Medical respirator masks – 50,000 pieces per day.


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